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You’ve had the idea, that’s the first step.

But starting a good business will take more than persistence, enthusiasm and a lot of hard work.  You need to start smart, asking and getting an answer to all the right questions will get you started on the right track.

You need to discover what problem your idea fixes.; for whom, and how much would they be prepared to pay to have that problem go away? This is extremely over-simplified, but in essence it’s the core of business itself.  Once you have a “validated” idea, the next thing on your to-do list is planning how you’re going to build your Minimum Viable Product or MVP.

To help we have designed a basic business plan template, added a bunch of notes and tips, so you focus your thinking and add some structure to your idea.

It’s bundled in with a host of other helpful tools and tips, and available FREE in our DIY business development program called “Ready for Business”; created by the team at Red E Ltd. to further the creation of successful start-ups.

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In order to launch you’re going to need an MVP.

In fact, the current thinking is that you’re looking to develop an MVVVP or ‘Minimum Viable, Validated, Valuable, Product’. It’s no longer good enough that it just works; in a fast moving, competitive space you need the extra validation to reduce risk and create velocity, and prove demonstrable value to fuel uptake.

Our workshop series the “Start-up Survival Guide” has loads of top tips and advice to ensure you keep on track, and build not just your MVVVP but all the other essential supporting components in your business.  This holistic approach to business development will stand you in good stead if you’re seeking investment, gathering additional resources or attracting talent to your new business.

If you’re on track to launch your business I recommend you sign up for our free membership tier here. It gives you access to a load of videos, tools and advice. You will also be the first to know about all our events and live video casts.

Money, skills and experience are the main things in short supply for most founders.

Resources, or the lack thereof, is the greatest enemy of most Start-ups and one of the biggest causes for failure.

Our FREE DIY business development programme called “Ready for Business” has got most of what you need to get started.  Perfect pitch template, funding guides with details on VC’s and government programs, and more.

But it’s not all about cash; many great businesses have “bootstrapped” or self-funded their way to success.  Whilst this is not right for some, it is a great way to get into business if you can manage it.  You can send us your “pitch deck” or “one pager” or executive summary of your business and funding needs.  We introduce founders to startups for free, taking only a fee-for-success of 5%.  If you’re interested in our help pulling together your pitch and business plan, all our consulting clients get not only get personal introductions to Venture Capitalists & investors, but we waive the success fee, potentially saving you thousands.  Contact us here if you are looking for investment and need some guidance.

Ready to grow?

Your MVP is firing, you’re gaining some traction in the market with people loving what you’re throwing down.  This is by far the most fun, but most dangerous time for any start-up.  This is the point where you need to commit fully, risking not just your money, but investors’ money, your time and possibly your reputation, on the success of this venture.

From here things are about to get a whole lot more complicated and move a lot faster, but don’t worry, we can help.

The number one reason businesses fail is a lack of management.  We work with you, training as well as guiding you in setting up the systems, metrics, and models that will allow you to grow and manage your new business successfully.  We offer a premium membership tier that gives you that essential balance of self-paced access to knowledge, as well as an experienced guiding hand to help you through the tough parts.   More info can be found here.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

I have launched a few businesses of my own and helped thousands of others to do the same over the years. But it’s only in 2016 that I really started to focus on making a more global impact in the start-up world. I formed a not-for-profit and started giving away my time, and resources to anyone that was interested.  The reaction, as you can anticipate, was crazy.  A major theme soon emerged across the board; not just was there a lack of material & experienced support for start-ups, (something I had of course expected) but the surprise was the lack of accurate and readily consumable education for founders. Astounding in an age when information has never been more ubiquitous or attainable as a commodity.

In a recent survey of young people in London by City & Guilds 48% of all those surveyed said they planned to start their own business.  This equates to 876,292 young people in the capital alone. Companies House state that around 94% of businesses fail inside of 10 years. These statistic together equal a LOT of disappointed and disenfranchised young people.

Since I became aware of the problem my team and I have been working relentlessly to come up with a solution.  And we invite you to participate on what we have put together so far and comment on how we might improve it.   

Our support continues to grow from strength to strength with over 40 companies, social enterprises and public offices supporting our work.  We have recently completed trials on a new workshop to support for grass roots economic growth.  Multiple offline workshops are already running and all available to a global audience via the latest 4K livestream camera technology.

A new Ideation hub called is on the cards though it lacks a major sponsor and we are currently recruiting our technical team for the build.  A free to use “open source” Crowdfunding platform is due to launch early 2017 and our first “Global Launchpad” a live online conference with more than 9 countries already interested is due 1st Quarter 2017.

We invite you to consider partnering with us and together we can continue our work and grow a bright future for the next generation of business owners in the UK, and beyond, together by signing up HERE.

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